1. Violet Country Villa
4-6 Rooms, located right next to French & German school
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2. Lakeside Villa
3-7 Rooms, about 300 houses along with excellent facilities
Rental range

3. Villa Riviera
4-6 Rooms, newly available in year 2009 with Modern
Rental range

4. Rancho Santa Fe
3-6 Rooms, Luxurious Spainsh missionary style villas
Rental range

5. Forest Manor
4-6 Rooms, Classic European & Renaissance Mediterranean
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6. Westwood Green
4 Rooms, a perfect balance of nature's inspiration and human ingenuity
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Rancho Santa Fe  兰乔圣菲

Property Type:







 4+2 Bedrooms






 Fully furnished


 Floor Heating


 Central Air-con




Rancho Santa Fe is located in the Jinfeng International community, Shanghai, opposite the Shanghai American School. As a symbol of an elegant lifestyle, Rancho Santa Fe is filled with an original spirit of nature, humanity and taste.Luxurious Spanish missionary style villas, beautiful natural landscaping, a leisure clubhouse combine to make Rancho Santa Fe one of the most sought after residential communities in Shanghai today.

  Properties for Rent / Qing Pu
Forest Manor Rancho Santa Fe SRC Stratford Westwood Green
西郊庄园 兰乔圣菲
上海网球俱乐部 万科红郡 林茵湖畔
5 Bedrooms
4+2 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
3+1 Bedrooms 3+1 Bedrooms
¥35000-80000 ¥35000-50000 ¥20000-50000
¥22000-30000 ¥23000-25000
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Add: Clubhouse of Violet Villa, Lane 258 Gaojing Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai P.R.C 201702
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